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Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board is a web site where you can post and view messages. Depending on the nature of the site, these messages can simply be announcements, or there can be a 'thread' of messages dealing with the same subject. Certain topics can be 'discussed' in threads of messages.

Since you access this information only when you go to the web site (and nothing is sent to you by e-mail) you can view and download only that portion of the information that interests you. If you must pay for you connection time, however, this has the disadvantage that it takes quite a lot of connect time to look through the various messages.

An attempt has been made to include bulletin boards that are upbuilding. Differences should be discussed in a respectful manner. Refutation may be forceful, but should not be unkind (2 Timothy 2:23-26). If any of the bulletin boards included are otherwise, please inform us of this. Suggestions for additions are also welcome. Please send correspondence related to bulletin boards to the list checker.

Bulletin boards on various topics