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Mailing Lists

When you subscribe to a mailing list, information is sent to your e-mail address at certain intervals. If you must pay for your connection time by the minute, this has the advantage that the information is transferred to your computer in a few seconds and you can read it off-line. It has the disadvantage, however, that you receive all the information, whether it is of interest to you or not. Thus, for a mailing list, the quality of the material sent out is extremely important.

An attempt has been made to include mailing lists that are upbuilding. Differences should be discussed in a respectful manner. Refutation may be forceful, but should not be unkind (2 Timothy 2:23-26). If any of the mailing lists included are otherwise, please inform us of this. Suggestions for additions are also welcome. Please send correspondence related to mailing lists to the list checker.

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