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Free Web Sites
Quality Hosting Service

Free web sites are offered by hundreds of service providers. They are paid for by advertising or are used as a 'drawing card' in hopes that you will buy a larger site or other services. Some are much better than others, but keep in mind that when you obtain something free of charge, you have no real reason to complain if the service is poor or access to your web page is slow because the server is overloaded.

The advertising seen by people who visit your site may not always be appropriate or even acceptable. And you must realize that it will be an annoyance to visitors to your site.

Free web sites are an option, however, for people with limited means (students, unemployed, etc.) who cannot afford the small monthly amount required to obtain a quality web site from a professional hosting service. A free web site is also good for experimental purposes as you learn how a web site works and how web sites can be designed and managed.

If you are serious about a web presence, however, and have a little money available, you should find a good professional hosting service. Some make the mistake of thinking they must find a service provider in their own area. A good hosting service far away is better than a bad one close by. On the web, it doesn't really matter! I live in Belgium, but my sites are on servers in the United States. Why? Cheaper and faster access!

Some charge high prices for poor service! (We found out the hard way.) Yet, keep in mind that it is absolutely impossible for anyone to provide good service without being paid for it!

Variations in service quality is also one reason you should get your own URL (your own private web address) right away. It costs less than $10. per year. Then you can change service providers if necessary without having to change your web address, and links to your site will remain valid, unless you keep changing the sub-addresses on your site like many web amateurs do!

Roy Davison