Randal and Vicki Matheny
Rua Álvares de Azevedo, 20-B
São José dos Campos, SP

Biographical Information
TEL: +55 (12) 3949-1246
[Time zone is three hours earlier than GMT]

Randal and Vicki moved to Brazil in November, 1984, with a four-family mission team. They began a new congregation in the city of Belo Horizonte, the nation's third largest city with 3 million population. After 10 years of evangelism, leadership training, and publications ministry, the Mathenys moved to the city of São José dos Campos, where a small beginning had been made.

Randal works with several local churches in personal evangelism, Bible classes, church planting, and discipleship and music training. He has written or edited several books and publishes numerous books, courses and tracts. He has edited and published Edificação (Edification) Magazine since 1987. He travels across the country teaching and preaching in churches, lectureships, and gospel meetings.

A vigorous Internet ministry has provided the Brazilian church with edification and evangelistic tools. In English, Randal edits Forthright Magazine and BrotherhoodNews.com and co-owns Forthright Press. The various Internet sites can be accessed through Randal's online calling card page. His mission site is GoSpeak.

Randal is the author of the book, Choose! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul, available from Forthright Press, as well as editor of and contributor to the forthcoming volume, The Right Kind of Christianity.

Randal has also worked with several national leadership and preacher training programs, Christian camps, child care programs, and evangelistic efforts.

Vicki homeschooled their three children and continues to coordinate the busy home activities. She speaks at women's encounters, teaches women in the local congregation, and hosts many gatherings for fellowship and evangelism.

The Mathenys have three children and one grandchild.