The Old Paths Network


Radio Evangelism

V. E. Howard
An archive of 'International Gospel Hour' radio broadcasts by V. E. Howard.

Germaine Lockwood
An archive of 'Eternal Good News' radio broadcasts by Germaine Lockwood.

Gottfried Reichel
An archive of radio broadcasts in German by Gottfried Reichel, 'Es grüssen euch die Gemeinden Christi'.

International Gospel Hour
The West Fayetteville Church of Christ in Fayetteville, Tennessee produces thirty-minute and one-minute radio broadcasts that are aired on more than 150 stations in the United States. This is the continuation of a program begun by V.E.Howard in 1934.

Truth for the World
Radio broadcasts in English, Spanish and Chinese.

World Christian Broadcasting
Gospel broadcasts in Russian, Chinese and English go forth into much of the world from shortwave station KNLS at Anchor Point, Alaska.